DIY: Mini Canvas and Easel save the dates!

Do your save the dates and wedding invites get cluttered on your fridge or lost in a sea of papers? Make sure yours stay out in public view by turning them into mini art. They're sure to be remembered when the special day arrives.

You will need: mini canvas and easel (usually sold in a set like this), decoupage glue, your design printed backwards with a laser printer, decoupage paint brush, box large enough to send easel in the post office, scissors

Step 1: Cut your design to the size of the mini canvas.

Step 2: Paint the glue/varnish on both sides of the surfaces (the design and the canvas) making sure there are no air bubbles and wait for 24 hours for it to dry.

Step 3: After 24 hours dip your finger in water and gently rub the paper off until it reveals the design.

Voila! So easy and unique!

  1. The procedure seems easy and i could also make one at my home, they are adorable but yet so practical.

  2. They are super cute, but I don’t think it’s really a DIY when you buy the easel.

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  4. I love this idea, but for a real DIY project, you could make the easel from popsicle sticks and even the canvas with small cardboard pieces covered with paper or fabric. Perhaps, I will post instructions for popsicle stick easels!

  5. These are super cute! Thanks for sharing!

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  9. lisa

    What font and font sizes were used? Anybody have a template?

  10. Kate

    Adorable! Would you please share where you purchased the boxes? Thank you!