DIY: How to make a post-it heart pinata

I’ve been wanting to try something with post-its forever as I thought it would be a cinch to stick those little papers up and call it art. Well, needless to say, it wasn’t as simple as I thought if you want something in really great colors that will stick permanently. I ended up cutting out my own squares out of different colored paper and gluing them with a glue gun. This way, there’s much more flexibility with the color-choice.

Materials: paper of your choice in post-it size (I used one to measure), scissors, cardboard, string, glue gun, pencil

Step 1: Draw a heart onto your cardboard. I made a mini one to show you how to do it but the final one is 20″ down the middle and 30″ across the widest point.

Step 2: Cut out two hearts for the front and back of the pinata.

Step 3: Make strips of cardboard 5″ wide to go around the perimeter of the heart.

Step 4: Curl these strips with a pencil to so they are more pliable.

Step 5: Glue the strips to the heart.

Step 6: Glue the other side to the strips.

Step 7: Begin applying the “post-its” with the glue gun by starting at the bottom and working up so you can layer on top. For this color choice I started with light colors on the bottom and then worked up to the darker colors. I did a warm palette on one side (reds, pinks, oranges, yellows) and cool on the other (blues, purples, greens)

Step 8: Punch two holes on either side of the arch of the heart.

Step 9: Bring a string through and tie on top.

With the right colors these technique can create a lasting effect on your guests. Add in some fun favors and the guests will love to take a whack.

photography by Amanda Thomsen and DIY steps by Brittany Watson Jepsen

by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built 

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  1. That is soooo adorable! So unique and the colours just make me so happy!

  2. what a lovely idea :X love the colors

  3. This is a great idea. Now you should write stuff on some of the post its – like LOVE, JOY, HAPPY, JUST MARRIED, etc

  4. Jess

    This is so cool! It looks pixelated! Digital love <3 !

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  14. Great article. Thanks for the idea.

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