Summer Treats at Your Wedding


There is nothing better than feeling refreshed on a hot summer day.  Let’s all agree that a summer wedding with one (or more) of the following would make your wedding go to beautiful to beautifully rad.  Just imagine with me- going to grab a chilled Izze soda while eating your little boxed lunch. Then for dessert, how about an ice cream sandwich. Don’t mind if I do…

Check out these awesome summer-time- wedding treats and put a smile on everyone’s face on your big day.

  1. Ice Cream Sandwich Bar
  2. Boxed Lunch
  3. Popsicle Stand
  4. Lemonade Stand 
  5. Soda Bar

by Brittany from The House that Lars Built

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  1. Having a wedding on summer is to some extent a wise choice and wonderful experience.

  2. Summer, wonderful time for wedding. There must be a lot of fun. I love summer days.

  3. Melissa

    How cute! Love it!

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