Save the Date: Tricia + Justin

i made these save the dates for my upcoming wedding in berkeley, ca in august. i created the design with illustrator and then laser cut them on 1/16th inch plywood. i hand painted some with watercolors and left some unpainted to emphasize the material itself. i have additional photos i can send, as well as the actual save the dates if you would like to have one. mailing them was tricky because they are somewhat fragile so we sandwiched the between sage-y green museum board and chip board and tied them all together with a ribbon. as far as we’ve heard they all made it to everyone safe and sound!

[image from Tricia]

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  1. Those Save the Dates are too cute. I am working on a mood board and might use them. Thanks!

  2. CUUUUTE! great colours.

  3. i’m very interested in wooden invitations but so far have not found anything i can afford. these save the dates are precious! i’d really appreciate learning more about the whole process you went through and what prices you paid for things. thanks!

  4. Wendy

    I love these! Would really be interested in how I could make these! I would change the birds to fish since we are getting married at the aquarium!! Any help or suggestions would be great!

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