Save the Date: Jenny + Jeff

We’re getting married at Aspen Hall in Bend, OR.  The place is surrounded by a huge Aspen grove so we thought the perfect save-the-date should include a hint about our wedding location.  We carved the tree in that grove so it could conceivably be there for decades!  We’re planning to go back on the wedding day and take some bride/groom shots with the tree and our carving.

[image from Fig Studio]

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  1. I love your save the date idea. It would be cool to visit on your 10 year anniversary as well.

  2. EPA

    Umm…. This is super cute, but let’s acknowledge that it is extremely damaging to carve initials into tree bark. Not only have Jenny and Jeff made this particular tree vulnerable to pathogens and disease, but by passing this save-the-date on without comment you have encouraged other couples to copy their bad example. Sure it’s a great photo, but please consider the larger ecological implications.

  3. Melina

    Are you kidding me?! I thought only drunk rednecks went around carving their names and love affairs into trees. Anyone thinking of doing this because it would be cool to visit on your 10 year anniversary, please keep in mind how many people by that time will have happened across the tree while trying to enjoy the woods and rolled their eyes in disgust at the eyesore you’ve created- seems like a bad omen to me.
    I agree with EPA- this idea should definitely be recanted.

  4. Stac

    Don’t listen to those ridiculous hippies, it’s sweet and timeless! I have only once passed a tree that was carved with initials, and I thought is was soo sweet and wonderful!

  5. Will

    It definitely walks the line between being cool and being destructive and stupid. Most wilderness societies like Sierra Club, Appalachian Trail Club, etc. have a saying: “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.”

    In this day and age, ask your invitation designer to whip this up in Photoshop. Leave the trees alone.

  6. Kat

    Very cute idea. All the same, very harmful to the tree. I agree with other blogs: you could have just photoshoped it. Also, it’s illegal. I have a friend who was just fined $1000 because he carved his initials into a tree about 10 years ago with the date and a park ranger wrote down the initials and date, tracked him down and took him to court. Now he’s $1000 lighter…think next time.

  7. Jamie

    You should take this off your blog so that it does not encourage others to ruin other beautiful Aspens with their initials. I find it ironic that a couple who loves nature so much to get married in it would consider doing such a thing. Awful.

  8. VT

    Wow. Unbelievable how people can take something so innocent and turn it into something else.

    I love the photo and I love the idea.

  9. Kayla

    This is adorable.

    Tree-huggers beware! I will be carving into a beautiful pine for my save the dates. Because we all know carving into one tree is going to affect the billions of trees : )

    My father owns a tree farm, and I will be sure to plant one when I am done.

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  11. KM

    Yes, it can affect more than one tree… when thousands of people copy the act. Why do people feel the need to leave their scar on a beautiful living organism. Bark is equivilant to the tree’s “skin”. Carving cuts through the vital living layers of cambium and phloem, negatively affecting the trees normal life functions of growth and delivering sap down the tree. But most importantly – the scar you left, opens the tree up to fungal infections and sickness – a great representation of a future relationship indeed. Leave your scar somewhere else.

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