You would think finding modern looking guestbooks would be easy….but its NOT. Luckily I found Kolo albums….we’ll probably end up using one in chartreuse [but they have great colors that would go with any theme…I especially like the orange!] They also have great boxes in case you want to nix the whole book idea all together…..

[images from Kolo]

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  1. onesmallstar

    so right on — hard to find a non-foofy, well-made book!

    love kolo — so lovely, who doesn’t! — and here are a couple of other options from etsy folks that might be customized for personalized guestbooks as well —

    eklecktic makes modern photo albums/guestbooks —

    also seelou makes lovely books that one could customize for a journal:

    and there’s always littleputbooks.etsy.com — all great!

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