Memory cloth

livingetc craft

I saw this project in October’s Living Etc and thought it would make a great keepsake for engaged couples…it would probably be more manageable for a bridal shower, where guests could share their words of wisdom.

[image from Living Etc.]

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  1. Kirstin @ Weddings Unveiled

    Very cute idea! It would be lovely to have done on your wedding and every anniversary you spend at home with a nice meal you can get it out and reflect on all the wedding day memories!

  2. Such a nice idea! My friend uses a variation of this with a small picture and a giant mat when ever she changes jobs. Its a fun way to remember all the people she works with. Love the site!
    xo Lea

  3. Laura

    My grandmother used to have everyone who came over for dinner sign the tablecloth and she would embroider the signatures on, just like this. My mom now has that tablecloth, and someday it will live with me. It’s the only heirloom I’ve ever cared about getting. 🙂

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