The Store Across the Street

Yesterday I headed over to the garment district to pick up some green ribbons for a “yet to be determined” wedding project…The Store Across the Street happens to be one of my favorite stomping grounds, and in addition to picking up some beautiful new and vintage ribbons, I noticed they now sell the Martha Stewart Crafts line…if you’re not in the NYC area, you can order their ribbons online here. Here are two of my favorite styles…I’m sure you can guess which colors I bought…

[images from Tinsel Trading]

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  1. fatafelice

    I have been to Tinsel Trading and loved it (I am a ribbon whore!), but TSATS wasn’t open that day. How does their stock compare? More/less vintage?

  2. Vane

    i haven’t been in Tinsel Trading, but TSATS has some beautiful vintage grosgrain and silks that are pretty reasonably priced….there’s another place across the street and a little east that also has great vintage ribbons, but I dont remember the name.

  3. Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions

    Ooohh, if heaven were full of ribbons, I imagine it would look like this!

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