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A few weeks ago I started a discussion over at the Martha Stewart Weddings boards about card boxes….its not something many magazines seem to focus on, but I think its a real concern for brides. Unfortunately, all the ones I’ve seen are completely unacceptable for the modernist in me! I’m talking frilly bows, treasure chests, fake cakes…why people, why??? Why isn’t someone out there making a simple, clean looking box? Someone on the board came up with the idea of having a plexi box made and covering the insides with corresponding paper in your wedding colors….this is definitely an idea I’ve played with and will probably test it out over at Plexi-Craft. Plexi-Craft actually already makes 2 boxes that could work….the What Not box and the Suggestion Box….both include locks and can be customized in size. Pricing isn’t too bad either. Other ideas I’ve toyed with are slicing a slit into a Kolo photo box, getting a modernist birdcage and spray lacquering it green or white, or having Chad build an architectural model, like this one from Weddingbee.

So I’m asking you ladies… this something you think about? Does the box even need a lock? Have you found any cool, modern ideas to solve this problem?

[images from Plexi-craft, Kolo, Rose and Radish, Weddingbee]

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  1. papercupp

    If there is no box, traditionally the guests give the envelopes to the best man. He keeps good care until the end of the night when they are passed on to the bride and groom. The maitre ‘d at our wedding collected them and had them delivered to our hotel room.

  2. Lynn

    Try Even if her boxes aren’t your cup of tea, she specializes in custom made boxes. So, just tell her what you are looking for and she will make it.

  3. Lauren

    I don’t think you need a lock…if you’re worried about someone stealing a card, I’d be just as worried about someone stealing the whole box.

    For my own wedding, I really wanted to make the photo frame box popular on the knot message boards. This was a DIY project I sacrificed to time though, and just ended up using the simple white birdcage my mom used at my shower.

  4. Emily

    I really want a box of some sort that has the ability to be locked, in case I decide. My sister wanted to buy me a mailbox and have a professional painter paint things on it. However, I typically feel that if you’re going to invest in quite an expense as a professional artist, have her paint on something I’ll use again! What would I do with a mailbox?

  5. Oh Happy Blog!

    I am confronted with this on EVERY wedding I do… and it just seems that there are not a lot of options out there that are not-well- poofy and gawdy and awful…

    here are some alternatives for you that I have used in the past….

    1. Brocade home has a lovely acrylic lace side table that I am sure would make not only a wonderful card box, but also a fabulous addition to your home…

    2. I happen to like the birdcage idea- that is- as long as it is a beautiful antique hanging birdcage on a stand-alone frame… (sometimes brides really misinterpret this idea)… Painting it green sounds lovely, and again- it is something that could adorn your home.

    3. I have actually constructed a floral structure for a bride once that served as her “box”… it was a beautiful and whimsy centerpiece to the round gift table, and had an opening for the guests to drop their card in. It was wonderful in that it was aesthetically pleasing and yet delightfully functional.

    Hope this helps! (Good luck on finding a non-tulle alternative!)

  6. SDJacksies

    I really wanted to have a hollowed-out pumpkin for our fall wedding, but apparently there has been a lot of theft of cards in my area recently…strangers and staff think that one or two cards won’t be missed, and no one realizes they’re gone until people ask why they didn’t recieve thank you notes. So now I’m trying to figure out a way to be secure without being intimidating…I love the idea of it being part of a floral centerpiece though…hm.

  7. Blue Orchid Designs

    etiquette may say to give the cards to the best man, but guests don’t know that. plus, if the best man is drinking and dancing, then he won’t be watching the cards anyway.

    definitely have someone in charge of collecting cards from the box/basket/birdcage/contraption throughout the evening. cards DO get stolen – it happens ALL the time and at the classiest of weddings with the classiest of guests. my point is don’t assume it won’t happen to you.

    I collect the cards at my weddings, put them in a manila envelope and hand them off to the couple or their driver as they are leaving. I also have a clause in my contract that limits my liability with gifts and cards since they do go missing so often.

  8. shartreuse

    We just attended a wedding two weeks ago where they simply had someone at the entrance who greeted us, informed us as to where the coat check was, asked us to sign the guest book (which wasn’t a book at all… it was a tree!) and took all of the gifts and cards for us. I liked this, since I hate to have to hunt down the gift table. I’d much rather get a drink and enjoy socializing with the other guests.

  9. Anonymous

    i had the same problem with my wedding – i couldn’t find a box that wasn’t really cheesy. i ended up going with a birdcage that I found (for super cheap) at an antique store and and spray painting it to match my colors. it turned out really pretty and now i use it as a decoration in my house

  10. Melissa

    a card box never crossed my mind… i may have to deliberate….

  11. Amy Nieto

    That architecture model is pretty cool idea. The birdcage also wins in my opinion.

    Yeah, I had no idea etiquette indicates the best man to pick up the cards. So *I* would’ve been lost looking for someone to hand my card to. I think having someone collect them is also a smart idea.

    But birdcages are so cute, too!

  12. Rebecca

    I made my own cake-shaped box by stacking two cardboard hatboxes (one a bit smaller than the other) on top of each other, cutting a slit in the top and then decoupaging the outside. It was cute and personal and since I made it myself I was able to guarantee that it matched everything!

  13. Wanderluster

    Just saw you had posted a pic of my architectural card box. Glad you liked it 🙂

  14. Anonymous

    I just went to a local plastic shop (right on Canal St.) that sold clear acrylic boxes and I had them cut a 7″ slit on the top of the box for the cards. I plan on decorating the box with ribbon in my color scheme.

    Alternatively, you can go to the
    These boxes are more modern, especially if you nix the cheesy clip art engraving.

  15. Jessica

    I found a website that has a unique wedding card box that can be personalized with the bride and grooms name. This site also has many other wedding and unique gift items. Check it out.

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