1. Jane

    love the idea, and love (!) the handwriting. but i worry that the post office would rip those cute little envelopes right off the back of the postcard …. having received a badly shredded postcard just this week. still, i’m probably going to try it for a party invite.

  2. elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs

    these are so precious! i’d be a little worried about the envelopes, but maybe sending it in a clear envelope would solve that.

  3. randi

    i promise you all that we tested this idea in the mail for real. we sent to 7 different addresses in manhattan, queens and brooklyn, and they made it a-ok! i recommend stiff and dense cardstock to a thick pulpy cardstock, and definitely use a xyron to stick those envelopes (double stick tape won’t do it– as an alternative, i bet carpet tape full-bleed on the envelope backside could work). you should always mail a test with your actual materials, of course. (a xyron will change your life, p.s… and thanks for the handwriting complement!) — randi, MSW style editor

  4. Vane

    thanks randi! i KNEW that was your handwriting! i’ve loved it ever since your wedding was published. Have you ever considered doing calligraphy on the side? (as if you don’t have enough to do at MSW!)

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