Candle Carver

Jennifer L. sent me this link a while back, but it got lost in email world, so now I’m very happy I found it again. These candle carvers make centerpiece possibilities endless, and I think can make a stunning statement. In my head, I see a rectangular table covered in a pure white tablecloth, with a single row of green apples all the way down the center, and then just 1 yellow apple for interest.

[image from Amazon]

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  1. Jenn

    Lining them up along the center of a clean table is such a beautiful and creative idea! I’m glad you found my message, thanks for posting it!:)

  2. Anonymous

    I totally just ordered this! It is so cool and creative, I can think of a lot of ways I will use it!

  3. elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs

    love this. must buy.

  4. rachel trigueiro, event designer

    Oh how I love this. I could have used it tonight! We did a small party with green apples down the middle of the table on chocolate brown table cloths. It was beautiful but I would have loved to see some flame coming out of them…so unexpected! Thanks for sharing.


    Love it – I just picked up one from Linens and Things!

  6. Emilie

    I have one of these and actually used it just the other night! One tip – just make sure that when you go to carve an apple you set it on the table to see where the actual top is – it isn’t always centered on the stem.

  7. Wendy

    Wish I had one of those in November when I was doing little pumpkins for a clients centerpieces. The florist gave me a little knife, but this would have been so much easier!! I will have to get one!

  8. Kerry

    Wow Thanks for the idea! Mom is getting married next month and wanted something to go with the wedding invitations she purchased from
    Other than her dress and the wedding invitations everything eles is a DIY project. This Center peice will be the perfect thing to complete her dream wedding!!


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