Week in review

Hope you guys have enjoyed some of the fab entries for the Modern Tablescape Challenge…did you have any favorites?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!  The winner or winners will be announced on Monday!  Have a great weekend!

On the blog:

+ [White +] Hot Pink
+ Tablescape challenge: Modern black and white
+ Tablescape challenge: Black & white with drops of green
+ Tablescape challenge: Modern African
+ Tablescape challenge: Kelly Wearstler inspired
+ Tablescape challenge: Punchy yellows
+ Tablescape challenge: Museum inspired
+ Tablescape challenge: Simple & chic
+ Tablescape challenge: Modern folk
+ Tablescape challenge: Orange inspired sweetheart table
+ Hens & Chicks: Potato stamping DIY
+ Phi-Style: Twigs & Honey 2011 Collection
+ Engagement shoots: You-You + Peter, Marisa + Adam

On the web:

+ Mark Niemierko‘s academy has filled it first session, but more are to come!  Trés exciting!
+ I’d love to see this made into a cake..its such an interesting silhouette! via Mocoloco
+ If I could ever find the time, I definitely want to try these confetti eggs…looks messy but so much fun!

[image via Mocoloco]

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  1. Brooke

    Simple & chic was my favorite tablescape!! I love the neutral gray base color with pops of orange.

  2. What a big week for your blog! Besides our own sweethearts table, I loooved the paper planes in Modern Black and White, the shapes in Drops of Green, and the bold Punchy Yellow. Great details all around!

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