DIY: Make a card for the bridal couple

Do you love getting your craft on? Make a handmade card for the bridal couple with these few simples steps. It’s a little mod, a little now, and lots of fun. You can even personalize it with customized names to add an extra touch.

Materials: kraft paper card set (I bought mine here), black paper, white paper, gold pen (I use this gold Sharpie), glue (I used this scrapbooker’s glue), scissors, black pen, ruler

Step 1: Cut out very small circles from white paper for the strand of pearls. I made 3 about the same size and then 4 smaller ones.

Step 2: Cut out a bow tie from the black paper. The more uneven the better to give it a quirky quality.

Step 3: (optional) To spice up the background, I added diagonal gold lines. Use a ruler for extra precision.

Step 4: Write in “bride” and “groom” or their names for a personal touch.

DONE! Fun and easy, right?!

DIY and photography by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House that Lars Built

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Guest post: Straw flower DIY from Merriment Events

Making straw flowers with construction paper

Today’s guest post is from the lovely Courtney of Merriment Events!  She’s come up with a super easy DIY that will dress up any libation….thanks Courtney!

Making straw flowers with construction paper

Scrapbooking paper (2 to 3 colors)

Making straw flowers with construction paper


1. Cut paper into fringe.
2. Layer fringe and glue together.

Making straw flowers with construction paper

Making straw flowers with construction paper

3. Roll fringe together so that it will slip over straw.

Making straw flowers with construction paper

4. Glue end. Slip over straw and pull fringe down.

[images from Kaycee Dean Hopper]

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DIY: Bridal spoon favors

I love finding new uses for common objects (remember the clothespin?) so when I spotted these wooden spoons I knew I had to do something with them. I painted some faces on them and thought they’d be perfect to hand out as favors at a wedding or as a gift to a bridal couple. Especially two foodies! Personalize them to the couple and you’ll be a big hit!

You will need: pencil, wooden cooking spoons, acrylic paints, paintbrush, twine and labels for packaging.

Step 1: Draw your face with a pencil. Keep it simple! For the bride, make a simple collar or necklace. For the groom, draw a necktie.

Step 2: Paint in the pencil lines with acrylics.

Step 3: To make the eyes I used the other end of my paintbrush.

Done! How easy was that?! And so cute! Add on a cute tag with twine and they’re ready to go!

by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built

Photography by Hilda Grahnat 

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QR Code Valentine DIY

I’m sure you’ve seen QR codes all over the place especially in advertising, and you probably already know that they generally take you to a website.  What you MAY not know is that you can easily make your own QR code and can translate into up to 250 characters of text, so it makes a perfect little secret code.  Since its all based on pixels, it actually makes a great little Valentine cross stitch project that you’ll be able to scan with a QR reader to decipher.  If you know how to count, its super easy.  Here’s how to do it.

What you’ll need:

Aida cloth (or a fabric with a distinct grid) – lower counts like 4 made bigger stitches, while higher counts make smaller.  I prefer an 18 count myself and find that the reader is able to read it perfectly.
– Embroidery thread – use 1 color because I’ve discovered mixing multiple colors within a code makes it unreadable. DMC has great colors, including neon!
– Needle
– Scissors
– Embroidery hoop – though its not really necessary
– Generated QR Code

1. Go to a site like this and create your QR code.  Be sure to click that you want it to create text content, NOT a URL, and generate it as XL size so its bigger when printed.  The more text you write, the bigger and therefore more complex code it will be. (see last picture for comparison)

2. Once you’ve got your code, print it out and draw a light grid and number every 5th row…it will really help when you’re starting to cross stitch.

3. Embroidery thread is generally made up of 6 strands….you’ll want to split these into 2 groups of 3.  Then thread the needle and start cross stitching.  I like to divide the design into quadrants so I can focus on specific smaller areas, but work however is more comfortable for you.  For tips on cross stitching in general, click here.

4. Finish up the design and decide how you want to present it….you could frame it, pop it in a windowed card, whatever you like!  Make sure your hunny has a QR reader installed on their phone so they’ll be able to read the message.  The smaller code says “Happy Valentine’s Day” while the larger one is a bit more text.  In general, I would stick with something short and sweet because as the code gets larger, I’ve found its harder for the QR reader to translate.  Enjoy!

[images by me]

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On the Road with You + ME*

Weddings often come with moving; one person moving in to another’s place, moving together to a new home, or relocating after the wedding. Why not take advantage of the summer months to take a road trip with your wedding photographers to get some travel-inspired engagement shots that you can use for a moving announcement after the wedding? For these shots, we took the ever-adorable Lauren and her equally cute boyfriend Aaron out of the city for the day with the lovely and talented ladies from Moss & Isaac, and ended up with a collection of on-the-road photos.

[images from Moss & Isaac]

We used photoshop to create a moving announcement postcard–we’ve provided a blank back for you (download it here!) to either edit using Photoshop or Illustrator or to write your new address on with good old fashioned pen and ink (or a rubber stamp!). You can even use an online printer such as to have your favorite photo printed on the front, and our download on the back. You’ve got so much else on your plate planning a wedding; cross the moving announcement off your list!- Miya & Elisabeth

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