For you all ladies planning on changing your name after getting married, pay attention!  Maidenchange is a new service that makes it super easy to deal with all the paperwork associated with getting your name changed officially.  Did you know it can take upwards of 10 hours to figure out all the instructions, the addresses, and not to mention, actually filling out the forms?  Maidenchange takes away all the headache by having just one form you fill out on your computer or mobile device, and in a few days, they’ll send you all the forms already filled out, along with instructions and pre-stamped AND addressed envelopes for everywhere you need to send them!  I tried it out myself last week and within a couple of days, I had a folder in my hand with everything I needed…all I had to add were a few personal details like my social and a couple of other pieces of info. Wish there was something like this when I was getting married…it would have saved me a ton of time!

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Celebrating the holidays with Ecco Domani

girlfriends brunch with ecco domanicelebrating the holidays with ecco domani

Can you believe the holidays are almost around the corner?  I definitely can’t, but it reminds me that it’s a great time to start thinking about getting some girlfriends together to celebrate! I worked with Ecco Domani wines to come up with some entertaining ideas to share with you guys for the holidays, and immediately thought of a girlfriend gift exchange chock full of bright colors, yummy bites, and some delicious wines.  The ideas here would also would work exceptionally well if you’ve got your wedding towards the end of the year and want to celebrate with your bridesmaids.  The more the merrier right?

girlfriends brunch with ecco domanigirlfriends brunch with ecco domani

A great place to start is with your menu.  Depending on how many people you’re planning on having over, you’ll want to keep it easy so you can enjoy yourself as well, so meats and cheeses are a perfect way to go.  Have a variety of different kinds (if you’re blanking on specific kinds to go with, your cheese monger can help with recommendations) and even it out with some meats like salamis and prosciutto’s, fruits, olives and some breads and crackers.  A variety of color will help keep it looking festive!  I also love making little crostini’s since they’re super easy to make, and are always a crowd pleaser.  The one here is simply some goat cheese, fresh figs and a drizzle of honey on sliced baguette.


  girlfriends brunch with ecco domani charcuterie cheese plate entertaining  girlfriends brunch with ecco domaniholiday cream puffsmerlot sangriacelebrating the holidays with ecco domani

Once you’ve got your menu set, you’ll want to think about drinks.  Ecco Domani has a great collection consisting of a Pinot Grigio, Merlot and Prosecco…something for everyone!  At a price point that won’t blow your budget, their wines pair with practically anything you could serve, and their website is great source of ideas for creating wine cocktails if you want to dress them up, like the sangria we created with their Merlot.  I also love the simplicity of adding pomegranate seeds to their Prosecco to add a festive pop.

girlfriends brunch with ecco domanigirlfriends brunch with ecco domanimodern bright christmas tree

For decor, I’m a big fan of bright,  bold color, so the all– white tree we used really helped the ornaments pop.  You could honestly do any color, but we stuck with a palette of greens, reds and pinks to stay consistent, and then worked that into the present wrapping as well.  It’s modern and fresh, and definitely not boring!  Makes a great backdrop for photos as well!  As an added bonus, I asked my friend Minhee from Paper+Cup Design to design some downloadable gift tags for your own present wrapping, so feel free to download and use at will!

modern bright christmas tree modern christmas gift wrap downloadable holiday gift tags  girlfriends brunch with ecco domani     girlfriends brunch with ecco domani

So there you have it!  An easy, modern, and DEFINITELY doable day with the girls celebrating the holidays and friendship over some yummy wine and nibbles.  Check out our Pinterest board throughout the month for even more entertaining ideas, and be sure to enjoy responsibly!

[images by Brklyn View Photography]

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Tendr $1000 giveaway – LAST CHANCE!

With August & Summer coming to a close, I’d say its a pretty good time for a chance to win $1000, wouldn’t you?
Tendr, the cash gift registry site, is giving away $1000…and all you have to do is register at Tendr now through Aug 31!  So many couples these days have already been living together for a while and have their household set up, so a traditional registry just isn’t necessary for them.  Where Tendr comes in is that they provide a well designed and safe landing site for your guests to send monetary gifts for your wedding…its super easy to use, easy to keep track of, and couples can send free digital thank you notes in great designs right then and there!  Best of all, the money goes straight into your bank account!
So if you’re interested in giving your luck a try, simply head over to the giveaway landing page, sign up by Aug 31, and keep your fingers crossed for that lucky win!  Good luck!
AccountDashboard Tendr_Cards3  YayCard_Complete

[images from Tendr]

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Riley & Grey new design

riley & grey
Its amazing, within just a few short years, wedding websites have gone from a novelty to a necessity when it comes to providing your guests with info on your wedding!  With so many sites out there, it might be a little hard to choose, but Riley & Grey is one I keep coming back to for their great designs and customer service.  Outside of your invitation, your website is generally your first impression with your guests, so having one that really reflects your style is important.
riley & grey wedding website riley & grey wedding website riley & grey wedding website riley & grey wedding website riley & grey wedding website
Riley & Grey provides inspired designs that suit every type of couple, and now they’ve partnered with local designer Swiss Cottage Designs on a Brooklyn themed design that I absolutely love!  All their designs come with mobile, tablet and desktop variations, themes you can customize or change whenever you feel like it, guest address organization and RSVP collection, and custom domain names…all for a low price.  So head over to Riley & Grey to check out this and all their other fabulous designs out for yourself!
riley + grey brooklyn mock-up (1) (1) Brooklyn-Wedding-Invitations-Swiss-Cottage-Designriley & grey


[images from Riley &  Grey]

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Customize your invitations with Basic Invites

BI Wedding Invitations-2712

Happy Monday everyone!  After a busy weekend, I’m excited to introduce you to a new-to-me company called Basic Invite.  While there are many online invitation sites to choose from, Basic Invite is one where you’re able to change the color to over 160 different options, all while being able to see what it looks like with an instant preview!  In addition to that, you’ll be able to order a physical sample of the invitation before placing your actual order, so you’ll know exactly what they’ll look and feel like.  That’s an important feature for the perfectionist bride!  All their invitations come with matching sets for save the dates, RSVP’s, menus, programs, thank yous and more, so you’ll be sure to have a cohesive look for your wedding suite.  It essentially takes the drama out of figuring out your invites, so you really just have to pick a design you love (which by the way, they have designs for every look!), adjust the colors, and wait for them to arrive.

Lots of Colors Square

Just look at all these colors!!  And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Basic Invite 8  IMG_9911BI Wedding Invitations-47 BI Wedding Invitations- BI Wedding Invitations-2693

[images from Basic Invite]

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