Inspired by Gems


There isn’t anything more beautiful than using Mother Earth’s finest gems for wedding inspiration.  These are six aww-inspiring ways to use gemstones for your wedding.

  1. gemstone seating chart / via Ruffled Blog
  2. bridesmaid necklace via/ etsy
  3. wedding favors via / Martha Stewart 
  4. gemstone centerpiece via/ Ruffled Blog
  5. place setting / via Green Wedding Shoes
  6. gemstone ring via/ Lovely Clusters

by brittany from The House that Lars Built

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Real wedding: Lynn-Kai + Clare


Its not every day I see a wedding held at a food park, but this one in San Francisco definitely caught my eye.  These two may not have been into dancing, but they sure know how to eat and have fun, turning their wedding into a veritable carnival with games, photobooths, and food trucks galore.

Chao_Huang_Jerry_Yoon_Photographers_ClareLynnKai1098_low Chao_Huang_Jerry_Yoon_Photographers_ClareLynnKai1177_low lacy wedding dress Chao_Huang_Jerry_Yoon_Photographers_ClareLynnKai1221_low Chao_Huang_Jerry_Yoon_Photographers_ClareLynnKai1268_low pink bridesmaids Chao_Huang_Jerry_Yoon_Photographers_ClareLynnKai1354_low Chao_Huang_Jerry_Yoon_Photographers_ClareLynnKai1441_low pink paper origami bouquet groomsmen in plaid Chao_Huang_Jerry_Yoon_Photographers_ClareLynnKai1531_lowChao_Huang_Jerry_Yoon_Photographers_ClareLynnKai1523_low  Chao_Huang_Jerry_Yoon_Photographers_ClareLynnKai1546_low Chao_Huang_Jerry_Yoon_Photographers_ClareLynnKai1813_low Chao_Huang_Jerry_Yoon_Photographers_ClareLynnKai1858_low food truck wedding Chao_Huang_Jerry_Yoon_Photographers_ClareLynnKai1882_low food truck wedding food truck wedding Chao_Huang_Jerry_Yoon_Photographers_ClareLynnKai1915_low

[images from Jerry Yoon Photographers]

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