Phi-Style: Bridesmaid Remix – Metallics


1. Twinkling at Twilight dress, $170 | 2. All Neutral dress, $90 | 3. Poised Philanthropist dress, $345 | 4. Gleam and Glimmer dress, $100 | 5. Shimmer Nights dress, $100 | 6. In Glint Condition dress, $100 | 7. Do As You Dream dress, $90 | 8. Gloating and Fanciful dress, $99

Tram @

[images from Modcloth]

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We’ve got a new look!


Welcome back from the long holiday weekend!  In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve got a new look that soft-launched on Friday.  If you’re reading through Blog’Lovin or Feedly, pop over to check it out.  There’s still lots to do on the back end with re-tagging images, getting the Shop up and running, reformatting vendor listings to the new template, but after over a year of work, we had to get it up.  So take a look around, and please let us know if anything is running wonky…I’m sure there are some kinks hiding out in the woodwork!  Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Huge thanks to Breanna Rose of Rowan Made who designed the new look for the site, and Zoe Rooney and Jonathan Poole for their coding expertise.

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DIY: Dinner Napkins



What you’ll need for this super easy DIY is:

  • Fabric (of your choice) – We used cotton chambray
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paint Brush
  • Fabric Paint

Before you begin with these 3 steps, you’ll need to cut your fabric in squares.  A typical dinner napkin size is 18 in x 18 in.



1. Come up with a pattern- trace if necessary.

2.  Get your paint out and paint brushes ready.

3. Paint your heart away.  Make sure you have something under your fabric to catch the paint if it runs through your fabric.

Easy peasy, right??

We had so much fun with these!


by Brittany from The House that Lars Built

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