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Can anyone else see this is a super cool way to propose?  Or is it just me?

[image from Wonting]

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Real wedding: Karinda + Pete


Glen Allsop sent me this fabulous Australian wedding and the minute I saw her dress, I was sold!  You have to read to the bottom to hear the story…its totally fate.









Our aim was to keep our wedding relaxed and casual to make sure that it was a true reflection of who we are and what we enjoy in life.

There are about a gazillion things to love about your wedding day…so many special moments all wrapped up into one very totally unforgettable event. BUT, there is no doubt that one very big and very pretty part of that day will be your wedding dress.
I was lucky to find my wedding dress soon after getting engaged while on a visit home in Melbourne. I didn’t know what I was looking for but I did know I wanted my dress to be something that I was able to wear again.  Walking down Chapel Street in Melbourne my girlfriend suggested we have a look in Collette Dinnigan.  After trying on your typical long, sleeveless wedding gown I decided that what I was looking for was going to be a far cry from your typical wedding dress. I was thinking short, lacey and fun! We came across this beautiful dress which was very 1920’s and I fell in love. Size Medium was the only one left so let’s just bite the bullet and lay by what would be my wedding dress. A BIG tick in the box so early on.

After 6 months of fortnightly payments towards my lay by I’m starting to get extremely excited about seeing my wedding dress.

One week before our wedding I call Collette Dinigian in Melbourne to make my final payment on my dress and was getting my bridesmaid to bring it up with her that week.  My final payment was processed and I’m not sure what made me ask but I did “Could you please check that the slip which goes with my dress is size small??” and the shop assistant went away for ten minutes to check only to come back and tell me that she couldn’t find my dress??

My heart sunk. This MUST be a mistake! I’ve been paying you money for 6 months how could this have possibly happened?

After 2 sleepless nights, different sample dresses sent in the mail for me to choose from I was finally sent via express post my Collette Dinnigian wedding dress. Sure enough they had sold my original dress very early on and they had no other option than to give me her FINAL sample dress of the same design – an archived dress. (This designer must archive one of every design which she makes). The dress fit like a hand in a glove and I felt beautiful!! Although it was extremely stressful and a test of who I am everything came together nicely.

Our wedding day was very much a true reflection of who we are and a very memorable night.

Photographer: Glen Allsop Photography

Ceremony/Reception site: Bilgola Surf Club N.S.W

Planning: Peter and Karinda Morgan

Bridal Party flowers: Ordered fresh from Terry Hills Flower Markets

Music: Rob “Millsy” Mills (LIVE) (Australian Idol finalist 2007)

Bridal Gown and shoes: Collette Dinnigan and Winton Shoes

Bridesmaids: Zimmerman

Groomsmen: Saba

[images from Glen Allsop Photography]

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Studio tour: Envelopments


Name: Holly Jakobs
Company: Envelopments
Location: Santa Ana, CA

What is your aesthetic? Envelopments aesthetic is clean yet eclectic due to the number of designers and influences that wander across our path.  Our mission is to be able to speak to a wide audience with an incredible mix and match design system that will satisfy any soul.

How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic? Because of our mission and diversity we have designed a work environment that is open and leaves room for the mind to wander. Our offices house every aspect of our business including design, sales and service, as well as manufacturing and shipping.  Because each Envelopments employee is critical to our success we are all connected by the fact we can see from one end of the building to the other.  Design, being the inception of turning ideas into reality, is at one end, next is customer development in the middle and then manufacturing and shipping at the other end of the building. Architecturally, certain walls and ceilings are designed with folds and shapes reminiscent of our products.  We also uncovered original artifacts of the building with sandblasting to show off a mix of raw wood, metal and concrete. Being mindful of our environment we opened the ceiling for natural light and busted down walls to open our conference room to the bamboo garden we created. We think a great reflection of how our facilities’ design aesthetic and our desire to be as green as possible is in the fact that we have received an award for our interior design from the AIA Orange County (American Institute for Architects), and have been written about in Contract Magazine’s Green Issue.

Favorite part of your studio? For us, coming to work everyday is a joy because of the special attention to detail at our offices. The calm of the garden creates the bridge into the pool of creativity we call work. Walking through the bamboo garden and into the offices always is a surprise for our visitors and we can hear it in their voices when they enter. They come in the front door and immediately we can hear…”wow, this place is cool!”  We love that.

Where do you go for inspiration? At the office inspiration comes from many places…from the lack of right angles; the stacks of colorful stocks in the warehouse; the textures found in the rock garden; the smell of jasmine coming in the windows; the kids art hanging on the walls; our resource library; or creating a fruit salad for lunch in the kitchen. Walking around our place can be a real head trip.

What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without? In the office we have designed the ergonomics of our work spaces around the desk. Instead of focusing on the chair we wanted the option of being able to sit, stand or anywhere in-between while working.  So, we found beautiful desks that are adjustable at the touch of a button. If you were to do stop action photography throughout the day it would look like a merry-go-round with each employee picking a different desk height depending on what was more comfortable for them at certain times of the day.

Is there anything you’d upgrade to? With our growth we could use a little more warehouse space. We do have room out back to build if we absolutely need it.

Anything else we should know? Envelopments is a design driven company.  We feel that if we live our lives mindful of design and surround ourselves with inspiration it will be reflected in our products and how we interact with others. We love what we do and the relationships we have nurtured with each other and our customers.







[images from Envelopments]

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