Engagement shoot: Katie + Michael


It so refreshing to see an engagement shoot that ISN’T shot when its nice and warm outside…I prefer winter and fall myself so these totally hit the spot.  These have such a carefree look about them.









[images from DiBezi Photography]

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Love letter flower



What a lovely way to propose!  Emersonmade now does custom text on her Love Letter Flowers…I’d say yes for sure!

[images from Emersonmade]

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Studio tour: d. Sharp

studio d.sharp 1

Name: Denise Sharp
Location: Portland, Oregon
Company: d. Sharp

What is your aesthetic?
My work is vintage inspired –  little paper luxuries to mark an occasion. I am a collector and fascinated by old ephemera, and like a mix of vintage charm and modern polish.

How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic?
A lot of the functional elements I use for storage or to organize are vintage finds – a tin honeycomb from a winery, an old wooden screen stand to hold ribbon, vintage film canisters and baking pans {anything tin!} to hold stuff, old medical cabinets.

Favorite part of your studio?
The heat!  We built the two story studio and it’s insulated – our old house isn’t.

Where do you go for inspiration?
My drawers of ephemera  and stacks of old books, fun stuff with husband and kids, Powell’s Books, the flea market, a few favorite shops, coffee {meet friends or people watch}, sketchbook. Time at the gym helps me mentally sort through and clarify things.

What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without?
I never thought I would say this, but my computer.

Is there anything you’d upgrade to?
There are some things I would love to have in the studio, but am pretty happy with what I have.

Anything else we should know?
Having scaled back the wholesale side of the business after my second child, I would love to license a paper/gift line. Designing new pieces is the best part  and I would be thrilled to have an opportunity to spend more time doing it.

studio d.sharp 2

studio d.sharp 3

studio d.sharp 4

studio d.sharp 5

[images from Where Women Create]

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Real wedding: Jen + Kevin

caroline tran 1

Hey all!  I’m back from altsummit with a whole new view on the blogging world, its absolutely amazing!  To get together with all the people I read on a daily basis is just the best feeling, and I left with so many things I want to try.  Its a very exciting time for blogs!  If you have a chance to go to altsummit 2011, take it!  Believe me, its worth it.  So now, back to the wedding at hand…

Caroline Tran sent me this great travel inspired wedding that I had to share with you guys…there were lots of fun DIY projects involved, but I think the best details are the ones that really speak to their long distance relationship and his career as a pilot.

Throughout their relationship, Jen lived in LA & Kevin in NY.  They spent most of their relationship apart, so a travel themed wedding was fitting.  Since Kevin is a pilot and they spent most of their relationship on opposite sides of the country, they wanted to incorporate their travels & the different locations into their wedding.

They got married at J Lounge and Restaurant in downtown LA.  It’s a brick building in the middle of downtown LA.  Their ceremony took place in the outdoor courtyard and had a view of all the downtown buildings.  There were 200 guests.

In keeping with the travel theme, she lined her shoes with NY subway maps.  All her stationary had silhouettes of buildings from the different places they have lived.  Her friend DIY all their adorable flowers.

Kevin’s mom painted these amazing trees on canvas.  The trees had bare branches where guests would then leave their thumb print on as the leaves and signed their name next to the leaves.

They had a buffet dinner and then all the uneaten food was donated to the LA food bank.  They also had a fire pit and a smores station.

She hand folded hundreds of little paper airplanes and used them in her centerpieces.

Jen is still a student, so budget was an important factor.  She utilize help from friends and family and used each for their strengths.  Paper goods/stationary are good places to DIY because you can do them in advance.  She bought her dress from a Brides against Cancer event.  A buffet cut down the cost of food and the smores station is cheap to set up and fun!

caroline tran 2

caroline tran 3

caroline tran 4


This little detail of sticking subway maps in your shoes is so perfect!  And so easy!



[images from Caroline Tran]

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