So I’ve got a question….

For all you ladies married or engaged, I’m curious, whats the deal with this changing your name personally, but keeping your maiden name professionally…specifically, what are the logistics with all this? I’m thinking this is the route I’m going to be taking, but I’m unsure as to what items I need to change, i.e. drivers license, Social Security, credit cards, etc. If you change some things and not others, does it mess up other things, like taxes? So confusing….

I’d love to hear your thoughts…..

And hey, if you ARE one of the many planning on changing your name, I would try the MissNowMrs program….I’m completely lazy and clueless when it comes to this stuff, but this program makes it so much easier….

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100 days

Geez louise, I can’t believe we’re at the 100 day mark until the wedding. So much left to do, and wishing I could celebrate a little more but I’ve been sick all week :( Hope everyone understands if I sit this one out today….

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Neighborhoodies concept tee’s

I am so ready to make one of these shirts….Neighborhoodies is taking the traditional I Love NY shirt and letting you make it your own with fun graphics! Or change it around and use your honey’s initials! They’d make great gifts for your bridal party, just personalize each one with a different image or text!

[images from Neighborhoodies]

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