Hi everyone…just wanted to get some feedback on something. I’ve gotten a lot of emails about how people wish the blog included some more out of state photographers, etc. I do in fact, have some vendors from outside of the Brooklyn and NY area, but obviously since this is my home turf, its easier to research people over here. Would it make it easier to divide vendors within their categories by city or state? Or is there another easier way to call out it out?

I’d love to add to my growing list, so if anyone has any great modern vendors anywhere else PLEASE let me know. Any other feedback would be great too.


ps. The gum above will probably find its way into my OOT bags…I wish EVERY city had its own gum!

[image from Lightningfield]

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Dots everywhere

I love me some polka dots. I actually went out and hunted down some of these ribbons because I liked them so much. I’m planning on working them into my bouquet, wrapping gifts, pretty much anywhere I can. I also find the simplicity of the invitations refreshing…keeping such a theme would be pretty easy to carry through an entire wedding I would imagine.

[images from MS Weddings]

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Weddingbee shoutout

Oh my gosh….what fun to be listed in such good company! Thanks Weddingbee! And welcome all you Bee fans!!

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