Mighty Good gift lists

Mighty Goods have 2 great lists going of 15 wedding and shower gifts under $40 and heirloom wedding gifts…definitely check them out. [this tin from Target is a GREAT addition to an outdoor reception!]

[images from Mighty Goods]

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My wedding binder[s]

OK, I promised that I would show you my wedding binder with some tips I learned along the way, so here they are. I actually used 2 binders…the Russell + Hazel white patent binder I used to hold EVERYTHING that was inspirational to me, images, articles, etc. Since I had a huge amount of inspiration, this binder got way too heavy to take to meetings, so thats where the second binder came in. The second binder was just a simple white one from Staples that I would bring to meetings along with the relevant information and images needed…it also held all my vendor contracts. Get one with a D-ring because your pages will sit nicer that with a round one…also get one with either a clear view spine or front, because you can dress it up with some wallpaper or giftwrap. Before a meeting, I would go through the patent binder to pull stuff to put into the Staples one, and voila, I had everything I needed without breaking my back. In each of the binders I used sheet protectors which you can get from any office supply store, but I liked using the OfficeMax brand because it didn’t have any logos on it. I also bought business card sheets for cards I wanted to keep close, but for the most part, I kept all that info on my iPhone. Extra wide sheet dividers from Avery are what kept my sections apart….the extra wide is essential so you can see past the sheet protectors [I learned this the hard way].

I got another wedding binder as a gift, so I took out the checklists I needed help on and added them into my new binders. I also bought a small version of the Everything Wedding Checklists to make sure I covered all my bases….it fit nicely in the rubberband of my R+H binder. So thats it…my Franken-binder for weddings! Now that R+H has downloadable checklists, yours will surely look a lot better than mine….:)

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Wishpot interview

Check out my interview over at Wishpot….I’ve got to say its the strangest and most hilarious interview I’ve ever had! thanks Christine!

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Russell + Hazel winners!

All I can say is Wow! This was the most successful contest to date, and I’m thoroughly amazed by how disorganized all of you are. The 3 lucky winners get to pick what style binder they’d like, just check the site for the name of your favorite. Please email me with your binder choice and address information.

The winners are…..!

I am using a binder that one of my students left behind and didn’t want. Its a little tagged up with some of his favorite Tupac lyrics. I would love something more organized because I just started a new school year(its a multi-track) and its going to be too hectic for me to find time to come up with my own system.


Well, I don’t have a wedding planner, because it’s my best friend who is getting married.
As the ultimate bridesmaid & best friend who hasn’t yet given an engagement gift other than a ring pop, this would be a fun little present to give my gal during her planning.
She is using a hand-me-down planner from circa 1995.


I am the best procraftinator you have ever met. I am very organized (wink, cough, ahem, mumble). I’ve got a couple of Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s reusable bags full to the brim w/ half-completed projects and brainchild ideas. This is one project, though, where I can’t let the overwhelming feeling of disorganization stop me. The wedding is happening. In fact, I designed the invites this weekend and we are printing them this week. I would love to be included in the Russell + Hazel Giveaway…not only because I feel that I would help me stay organized and actually LIKE taking on the daunting task of getting a wedding together and having every last little detail on hand. Additionally…my cats names are Russell and Hazel(???!!!) and if that doesn’t say, “it was written in the stars!”, then I don’t know what does!

For everyone else, you can download the free binder templates from the website to help spearhead your own binders. You’ll find worksheets for contacts, timelines, budgets, registry, pretty much everything you need. This week I’ll show you how I built my own wedding binder using a Russell + Hazel signature binder [but you can use any binder, I just like them cuz they’re pretty and very durable!]

A very big thank you to Russell + Hazel for helping with the contest!!

[images from Russell + Hazel]

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Russell + Hazel giveaway extended

Since tomorrow is a holiday, I’m going to extend the Russell + Hazel wedding binder giveaway to the weekend….last day to comment is Sunday….winners will be announced on Monday! Click here to enter…

Have a great 4th of July!

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