I got this email the other day and definitely wanted to share it with you all…I think it can help a lot of couples, and commend Modern Bride for taking the initiative. is a site for couples facing extraordinary health challenges during the engagement period. The illness may be your own, or that of a family member; regardless, it is devastating and can throw all wedding plans into question. Please consider this a place to talk to fellow engaged couples about the unique concerns you share. We’ll also provide advice, both emotional and logistical.

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NSS recap: Night Owl Paper Goods

It was hard to miss the really cute owl themed totebags Night Owl Paper Goods was handing out…but the real star was their eco friendly wooden cards…my favorites were the buttons! Perfect for thank you cards…

[images from Night Owl Paper Goods]

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Vendor reviews: hair + makeup

Makeup: Claribel Hernandez of Fresh
I met Claribel a few years ago and always knew I’d ask her to do my wedding makeup…our trial was great, and my wedding day makeup was even better! All of us looked very fresh and natural, and weren’t caked up with excess. She’s amazing!

Hair: Diana at Van Sickel Salon
I think Van Sickel Salon is one of those little treasures you don’t want to tell people about because you know once you do, you’ll never get an appointment there again! Chad actually found the salon while on a walk in the neighborhood one day and pointed me in their direction. Diana does amazing blowouts and really did a great job with all of our hair. The best part is that they don’t charge crazy prices just because its for a wedding…they charge for the time, so if you’re looking for something simple, you probably won’t be paying more than a $100!

[images by Belathée Photography]

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Ring pillows?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the fabrics used for these pillows…and I’m curious…I’ve sort of been throwing around the idea of starting a hip little ring pillow business on the side [as if i need ANOTHER thing on my plate], but before I launch myself into it, are there people that would be interested in buying these? I’d be using to-the-trade fabrics not really available to the public, in obviously bright colors and fun patterns like these. Just leave me a note below if its something you’d buy….or if I’m just plain crazy.

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