eBay guides & collections

ebay guides and collections

I think its safe to say that all of us have scoured eBay at some point in our lives looking for the perfect thing, whether it be for our wedding, a baby shower, a gift, or that obscure collectable you can’t find anywhere else.  I was just pleased as punch to be invited by eBay to create a bunch of collections and guides on their site, and even better is that I can write about whatever I want!  So in an effect to expand my topical horizons, I’ve got a few guides and collections up already on essentials I like to keep on hand for different aspects of my life.  Because hey, I’m not “all wedding” all the time!  I’ve started this week off with a few of my craftier hobbies, like sewing and crafting essentials, and guides that correspond with them for further detail.  Don’t worry, I’ll pop in a few wedding themed ones over the next few weeks, but it was definitely nice to take a break and find some things outside the wedding sphere.

Here they are if you want to check them out!  I’ll be adding to them as the weeks go by and I find more goodies to source.  If there are any topics you’d like to see me cover over there, feel free to let me know!

Guides: Sewing essentials | Crafting essentials
Collections: Sewing essentials | Crafting essentials

[In partnership with Ebay, but all comments are my own]

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8 Subtle Halloween Inspired Wedding Ideas


If you have an October wedding, why not include some of these rad subtle “halloween-ish” ideas for your big day? These could be awesome picture ops or simple decor that won’t take over the theme of your wedding– unless of course you’re inviting Tim Burton as a guest.

  1. Pumpkin Name Tag
  2. Jack-O-Latern Bride and Groom
  3. Metallic Geometric Pumpkin
  4. Pumpkin Family
  5. Skull Cake
  6. Metallic Geometric Pumpkin
  7. Pumpkin Setting 
  8. Subtle Pumpkin Centerpieces
  9. Pumpkin Walkway

by Brittany from The House that Lars Built

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Phi-Style: Bridesmaid Remix : Florals


1. She’s Something Else dress, $160 | 2. In Graceful Swing dress, $55 | 3.  Get Your Philanthropic dress, $50 | 4.  Veranda Vibrato dress, $90 |  5. Croon As Possible dress, $55 | 6. Rhythm of the Moonlight Dress, $100 | 7. Pros and Congrats dress, $80 | 8. Wish Fulfillment dress, $85

Tram @ Phi-Style.com

[images from Modcloth]

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